Our Partner Services

Below are a few products and services that we have grown to develop, support and partner with. Please click the links below to learn more!

we create heroes


I SERVE, HONOR & PROTECT with the Heart of a SERVANT, SOLDIER & HERO that’s Always Fruitful & Multiplies.



This Manhood 101 Book shares 101 principles that can easily be applied in a male’s life with a simple mindset shift.

our fatherless solution

About DAD

Our DAD Content supports individuals, and especially guys, with their concerns and issues surrounding DAD

brotherhood organization

The CENTRY League

It’s the service that a man performs for others that makes him great.

daily prayer groups


Our goal is to provide a medium for those who wish to pray together with other believers to do so via a conference call held early in the morning or at other times during the day.

centry cirriculum

CENTRY Books & Courses

Most of our CENTRY books are, or will be, included as FREE ONLINE COURSES for our online community members.


Storyboard Sketchbook

Our Storyboard Sketchbook comes in 3 different versions to help you with your productions.